Joshua Anthony



A Brief History Of Vehicles

Over the course of humanity’s progression, road transportation has proven to be one of the main lifelines in our world’s societies, and their respective growth, for thousands of years.. During the inception of road transportation as we know it, man (and woman) leveraged many “beats of burden” such as horses, mules, camels, etc. to pull them on a buggy, cart, or other transportation mechanism. As humanity progressed, we have then began to experience self-propelling vehicles, through various mechanism such as steam, electricity, and springs.

Remember the good ole’ days when in order to access the internet, when we have had to wait several minutes using dial-up, and then continued to block the rest of our home from using the telephone?

Downloading and streaming anything was nearly impossible; this was coined “web 1.0.” After the internet advanced, “web 2.0” manifested to make the internet a place where individuals around the world can contribute with a quasi-infinite amount of information and content. Thus, communities that were never before heard began to thrive on a mass-scale.


Being that our world today relies on “web 2.0” for the most part, the next generation the internet, or “web 3.0,” has now arrived with a powerful presence; this is where the decentralization of information gives power and privacy back to the user.


Upon the horizons of our world’s mass-paradigm shift into “web 3.0,” we are seeing three, main technologies flood the headlines; Blockchain, Artificial intelligence, and Quantum Computing. Now, the majority of whom are reading this article most likely have some comprehension of Blockchain and AI; however, the understanding revolving around Quantum Computing seems to be less popular than the aforementioned technologies.